Avoid the blues of trying to clean a green pool. As your local pool care experts, we can save you time and money and get your pool clean and healthy again in no time

So what’s a green pool, and what causes it?

“Green pool” is a term used to describe what happens when pool or spa water has been affected by severe algae growth. The water may also appear green as a result of rust, leaves or pollen in the pool.

Heavy rain also dilutes pool chemicals, especially salt and chlorine, which makes the pool turn green.

And a poorly maintained pool can harbour a range of microbes including algae and bacteria, which can result in health problems such as ear, nose and throat infections.

But don’t panic! A green pool can be treated effectively.

You can call us and one of our experienced and qualified service technicians can be by your pool side to determine the best course of treatment for your pool.

You can also come in for a water test to analyse the accurate health of your pool i.e. whether you need to adjust the pH, calcium and total alkaline levels.

Request a service today if you need green pool recovery support or would like more information.