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28 January 2022

Get more from your pool this summer with Swimart’s range of S.R.Smith pool slides, diving boards and pool games!

Get more from your pool this summer with Swimart’s range of S.R.Smith pool slides, diving boards and pool games!

Slip and slide

Manufactured from high-quality corrosion-resistant material, S.R.Smith slides are engineered to deliver serious fun, season after season! Ranging in size from the Cyclone at just over 4’, to the towering Vortex® that tops out at 10’7”, they resist fading and scratching, and retain their high-quality appearance for years to come.

Slides can be mounted directly to the deck making retrofit applications easy. From the top of the ladder, a flume that curves down to the left is called a “left curve slide” while and a flume that curves down to the right is called a “right curve slide”.

There is an integrated water delivery system on each slide that provides high-volume water fun for a slippery, sloshy ride. And for salt pool environments, ask us about their salt pool friendly slides, which are identified by the Salt Friendly icon.

Dive in

Available in a wide range of shapes, styles and colours, S.R.Smith’s boards and stands are designed with varying degrees of flex and spring. Rigid stands, or those that have a spring mechanism, can be paired with a variety of boards with varying flex to create unique performance characteristics.

Diving board and stand combinations are defined in two ways, according to their level of flex:

  1. Jump Boards – a flexible board on a base that utilises a spring mechanism.
  2. Diving Boards – a flexible board on a rigid base

While all of S.R.Smith’s diving boards can be installed on new pool decks (providing they meet safety standards) they also have replacement diving board options. A wide variety of their stands utilise the same “jig” – a device that holds it together – so upgrading your old stand is pretty straightforward.

Game on

Whether it’s one-on-one or team play, basketball and volleyball are even more

fun when played in the pool! S.R.Smith offers a complete range of family-friendly pool games designed to stand up to the toughest competitors and environments. These durable, well-designed games are guaranteed to provide hours of entertainment for years to come.

Look for the Salt Friendly icon on select games that ensures the game features SealedSteel® a protective, vinyl coating that virtually eliminates corrosion, and stays cool to the touch even in extreme temperatures.

Quality assurance

All S.R.Smith games and pool deck accessories are made from quality, ASTM 304 stainless steel. Basketball games are available in single or dual post styles, with strong, sturdy backboards. And for flexibility, all games can be removed when a clear pool deck is desired, with stainless steel anchor caps available to keep your precious pool deck – and family – safe.

So, what are you waiting for?! Talk to the professionals at your local Swimart pool store or call us on 1300 991 104. Summer will never be the same with S.R.Smith!

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