Swimkleen ATV

Our SwimKleen ATV pool cleaner is our top-of-the range suction cleaner providing maximum cleaning performance with minimal maintenance. Easy to install and operate, the Swimkleen ATV’s steering system enables it to clean pools of all shapes, sizes and surfaces. 

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Product Details

  • Patented SmartDrive Steering System – enabling the cleaning of pools of all shapes and sizes
  • Patented Adjustable Skirts – rollers permit the cleaner to maintain optimal suction at all times
  • Energy Saving Throat Insert – when using a variable speed pool pump, the cleaner’s small throat insert allows it to operate at the pump’s low speed/flow. This results in reduced energy use and running costs.
  • Robust Tyre Treads – ensures excellent climbing ability and manoeuvrability to handle any obstacle, making it ideal for all pool shapes and surfaces.
  • Patented Self-adjusting Folding Vanes – allows passage of large debris, virtually eliminating clogging
  • Non Corrosive Stainless Steel Wheel Bearings – minimises friction in wheels which improves torque to increase suction power.


Product Specifications

  • Available in 2 models, a two-wheel cleaner with standard tyres or two-wheel cleaner with special purpose tyres for tiled pools
  • 10 x 1m Connector Hoses
  • 1 x Hose Cone
  • 1 x 90° Hose Connector and Regulator Valve
  • 1 x Low Flow Throat Insert (for variable speed low flow pumps)
  • Warranty: 4+3 Warranty (4 years full and 3 years pro rata)