Aqua~Health Metal Free Algaecide

Our Aqua~Health Metal Free Algaecide is a heavy duty algaecide that is uniquely formulated to be metal free.

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Product Details

Aqua~Health Metal Free Algaecide is effective against green algae, it also has a built-in clarifier

Core benefits include:

  • Inexpensive and very effective, easy and economical to use 
  • Long chain polymer gives longer lasting algaecide properties
  • Compatible with all sanitisers, surfaces and chemicals
  • Will not affect water balance or bathers
  • Can be used to remove all forms of algae
  • May also be used as a maintenance algaecide
  • Non foaming and non-staining
  • Ideal for salt pools
  • Ideal for ornamental ponds and fountains

Product Specifications

Available Pack sizes are: