Lo-Chlor Pond & Fountain Algaecide

Lo-Chlor Pond & Fountain Algaecide is an effective algaecide for ponds & fountains

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Product Details

Core Benefits include:

  • Unique copper complex, safe to use where fish are present
  • Utilises the Lo-Chlor non-staining formulation
  • Kills all types of algae (blue-green, mustard, black, pink)



  • See instructions for detailed dosage rates

Product Specifications


Whilst every effort has been made to formulate this product so as to have minimal effect on fish and the environment, it is impossible to guarantee safety with fish.

Try to isolate fish before adding product.

Where large clumps of algae are present an attempt should be made to remove these with a scoop (or other means) before adding the product.


When used at the MANUFACTURER’S RECOMMENDED RATE treated water will not adversely affect plants, shrubs or grass