Leaf Trapper Filter

Our Trimline Leaf Trapper incorporates a high quality and durable bag filter that enables high volume leaf and debris capture. The lid is clear for quick visual inspection of the Leaf Trapper’s filter bag.

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Product Details

The Trimline Leaf Trapper is ideal for installation in areas of high leaf and debris collection prior to a pool’s finer filtration system. It is compact and economical, perfect for negative edge pools and in-floor cleaning systems.


The Leaf Trapper housings are constructed from high impact polypropylene and a clear polycarbonate lid provides a strong and durable filter. The design of the ergonomic screw-down lid enables simple hand operation and quick filter cleaning or replacement.


Its large filter bag is made of high strength and durable nylon, plus it’s easy to clean. The 800-micron bag allows a full flow of water with minimal resistance, and has a holding capacity of approximately four-times the usual leaf and debris holding capacity of a standard pool skimmer leaf basket.

Product Specifications

  • Leaf trapper or coarse pre-filter
  • Large filter bag
  • One-piece mould construction
  • Able to withstand up to 350kPa (50 psi)