Kreepy Krauly VTX-3

Our Kreepy Krauly VTX-3 is ideal for all pool surfaces and is a set and forget cleaner for a true automatic pool cleaning solution.

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Product Details

The Kreepy Krauly VTX-3 creates a powerful vortex vacuum that sucks up all debris in its path to achieve a complete clean. The scrubbing silicon seal gently loosens calcium and algae build up so it can be vacuumed up. The Smart-Skim regulates the amount of suction needed and uses the excess vortex vacuum to pull floating debris into the skimmer box, for a top to bottom clean. The Ultra Flex Hose and Steering System enables it to criss-cross your pool to ensure maximum cleaning and coverage is achieved every time

The  VTX-3 will move backwards in direction with the water flowing through the base of the cleaner and is alternately diverted between the two drive tubes. This inertia of the water trapped in each drive tube provides the lifting and propelling motion of the cleaner, which may result in a faintly audible ‘ticking’ sound. Our entire system will ensure the cleaner efficiently provides you our promised triple clean with vortex.

Product Specifications

VTX-3 Suitcase Includes

• VTX-3 Machine;

• 10m of Ultra Flex Hose; and

• Smart Skim (Automatic Vacuum Control Valve)

Built to last,it’s covered by a 10-year warranty on the flow drive – it’s single moving part, and a 1-year Full System Warranty. Plus, you have the back up of local service and support.