Kreepy Krauly Sprinta Plus

Our Kreepy Krauly Sprinta Plus is suitable for most pool surfaces and shapes. Specifically designed to clean the trickiest of pools with ease, its flexible hose connector and geared steering system allow it to navigate tight corners and stairs without getting trapped.

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Product Details

The Sprinta Plus is unstickable and unstoppable. Lightweight and compact, it’s easy to install and works off your existing pump – attach it to your skimmer box and it’s ready to go. The straight through turbine creates a powerful vortex for maximum continuous suction. It doesn’t get blocked when the debris gets tough and can easily cope with the heaviest of leaf loads. With no wheels or tracks to jam, and enclosed gears, not even sand and grit can slow a Sprinta Plus.

Product Specifications

Included in the Sprinta Plus Suitcase:

  •  Sprinta Plus Machine
  •  Flexible Hose Connector
  •  10m of Ultra Flex Hose
  •  Smart Skim (Automatic Vacuum Control Valve)