Chemflo Plus Automatic Control System

Our ChemfloPlus continuously analyses your pool water chemistry and accurately sanitises and controls the pool’s pH, keeping your pool water safe and healthy.

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Product Details

The ChemfloPlus automatic control system measures and precisely controls set levels of sanitiser (chlorine) and pH balance (acid) through feedback from inline sensors. This ensures the safest possible swimming conditions. Costs are reduced by minimising chemical use and preventing excessive addition of chemicals that may damage the pool and its equipment.


Controls Pool and Spa combinations:
A ChemfloPlus system is ideal for pool and spa combinations, because it senses the water from either the pool or spa and adjusts accordingly, thus ensuring each is sanitised to an optimum level.


Multiple filtration cycles:
ChemfloPlus allows for up to 4 filter cycles to be activated. This gives extra flexibility, especially during seasonal adjustments – e.g. use one cycle for winter, 2 cycles during summer, or all 4 cycles during a busy weekend, party, etc. The unit comes with 2 cycles enabled as the default.


Pool Lights Timer:
ChemfloPlus comes with a dedicated timer for your pool or garden lights.


Additional Timed Power Outlets:
Using the optional power separator, ChemfloPlus will provide an additional timed power outlet – which can be used to operate other accessories such as an in-floor cleaning system pump, pressure cleaner booster pump or pool lighting. ChemfloPlus lets your pool look after you!


Automating a Salt Chlorinator:
The ChemfloPlus is specially configured to allow it to control a salt water chlorinator. It will constantly analyse the pool water while the pump is running and activates the salt water chlorinator when necessary. Just plug your salt water chlorinator into the ChemfloPlus and chlorine levels are maintained at a consistent set point, ensuring your pool is clean and safe to swim in.