Aqua~Health Ezi-Chlor

Our Aqua~Health Ezi-Chlor is perfect for sanitising your pool, or can used as a great addition to your algae treatment.

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Product Details

Our Aqua~Health Ezi-Chlor is a multi-purpose chlorine blend that contains a high concentration of stabilize chlorine and a water conditioner.

Use it as a standard chlorine for sanitising swimming pool water or as an effective treatment for green or black algae. 

Core benefits include:

  • A blend of stabilised granular chlorine and a water enhancer.  
  • Ezi-Chlor has a high level of available chlorine
  • Enhances the water quality giving it a soft silky feeling (no residue)
  • UV protected –  built in stabiliser

Product Specifications

Available Pack sizes are:

  • 1kg
  • 2kg
  • 4kg
  • 10kg