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What is Blackspot?

11 August 2010

Black spot is generally the result of poor water circulation and insufficient sanitisation, and it can start to grow and cling to places where cracks are in your pool’s plaster. The good news is that while algae can never be totally eliminated, it can be controlled.

Q. What is black spot?

A. Black spot is a green, clinging type of algae that has a tendency to colonise and multiply in hard to reach spots in your pool. It looks somewhat like moss.

You may need to purchase black spot algaecide - a copper-based product that may reduce the activity of chlorine in your pool. This kind of product must be used carefully and you will also need to undertake a thorough pool clean, too.

Spotted some black spot? Your first step is to obtain a sample from your pool and come in and test the water at your local Swimart store. Your Swimart pool specialist will prescribe exactly what your pool needs.Call 1300 991104

TIP: Black spot algaecide can help reduce and control black spot.

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