eXact Micro 10

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The first meter to read Combined Chlorine directly with 0.01 precision!

The eXact Micro 10 photometer (Using patented procedures: US Patents #7333194, #7491546), tests for up to 40 water parameters using test strips. No color matching is required to determine water quality levels and most testing is done with exact results in under a minute.

The meter directly reads ‘Free’, ‘Total and Combined Chlorine’, ‘Bromine’, ‘pH’, ‘Total Alkalinity’, ‘Calcium Hardness’, ‘Cyanuric Acid’, ‘Salt’ (Chloride), ‘Phosphate’ and ‘Transmission’. In ‘transmission’ mode the meter reads additional parameters with the use of a conversion table including Manganese, Iron, Nitrate and Hydrogen Peroxide


  • Automatic countdown timer
  • 160 test memory (saves last 20 tests per menu)
  • Incorporates eXact® Strip technology (safe and reliable reagent dispersion)
  • No-slip grip housing
  • Lightweight , weighs only 850 grams with batteries installed
  • Waterproof meter (IP-67) and floats
  • Easy-to-read LCD display
  • No test tubes to break

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