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  • ThermoTech™
  • Thermal Foam Pool Blankets
  • 5 year pro-rata Warranty.

All Thermal Foam Pool Blankets are tape welded both sides.
Daisy Foam Blankets are manufactured from 3mm thick, cross linked PE closed cell Polyethylene foam. This foam consists of 3 layers. It is flame-bonded on both sides to a UV-stabilised, waterproof, non-toxic and chemical resistant blue woven PE material called Canvacon. As the foam blanket is encased in this double-sided material, if the Daisy ThermoTech™ Foam Blanket is installed on a symmetrical pool it can be inverted to significantly extend its lifespan. Foam Blankets are an insulating blanket that does not heat the water.

Pool covers are tailored to your pool’s specific dimensions. We do not sell these products on the internet but welcome your internet or phone enquiry. Please contact your local Swimart store by clicking on the Obtain a Quote button below.