Poppits Spa Complete Maintenance and Clarifier

Poppits Spa Complete Maintenance and Clarifier is an essential product for keeping your spa water clean and clear.

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Product Details

The unique and patented formula enhances the efficiency of the Poppit’s sanitisers by reducing its load, so you can enjoy crystal-clear water all season long. This product reduces phosphate levels while also acting as a clarifier of the spa water, making it the perfect choice for regular maintenance, after a party or heavy use of the spa.


Features and benefits

  • Enhance and work in synergy with Poppit’s sanitisers
  • Keeps water crystal clear
  • Removes phosphates
  • Controls algae
  • It is classified as non-dangerous good
  • Conveniently marked and designed 1L liter jerry can with up to 100mL on chamber
  • Dosage are indicated in start-up procedure card Lengthens the life of the Spa water

Product Specifications

Available Pack Sizes:

  • 1L conveniently designed and marked jerry can,
  • 5L drums


After its use is recommended to clean spa filter cartridge.