Aqua~Health Supa-Floc Plus

Our Aqua~Health Supa-Floc Plus is a heavy-duty and fast-acting flocculant. It will settle debris and organic matter on the pool floor within 3 to 6 hours to be vacuumed to waste.

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Product Details

Aqua~Health Supa-Floc Plus is formulated from a unique blend of our liquid floc combined with a concentrated polymer resin enabling it to provide outstanding results in a matter of hours.

Core benefits include:

  • Easy to use
  • Work in less than 12 hours
  • Clear the cloudiest of pools in under 6 hours
  • Remove dead algae and other floating particles
  • Compatible with all types of sanitisers

Dosage Rate:

1L per every 50,000L

Product Specifications

Available Pack Sizes are:

  • 1 litre bottle
  • 20 litres drum featuring original manufacturer brand