Aqua~Health Activ

Aqua~Health Activ controls biofilm in swimming pools and spas, and increases water clarity and reduces chemical maintenance costs.

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Product Details

Aqua~Health Activ eliminates slimy walls and surfaces.

Core benefits include:

  • Eliminates biofilm from pool/spa and filter
  • Clean pipes and leaves them “whistle clean”
  • Increase the efficiency of pool sanitiser (save money)
  • Assist in the cleaning of solar system and contribute to improving its efficiency (save money/energy)
  • Easy to use – add it once a month to your pool/spa
  • Highly concentrated, 1L treats up to 60kL of pool water
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Helps reduce the consumption of maintenance chemicals.
  • Built-in clarifier helps to keep pool sparkling

Product Specifications

Available Pack Sizes are:

  • 1L