Our Aqua-Health Activ controls biofilm in swimming pools and spas, and increases water clarity and reduces chemical maintenance costs. Biofilm is far more resistant to chemical treatment and tends to form in inaccessible places, making it especially difficult to eradicate. Core benefits include:
  • Eliminates biofilm from pool/spa and filter
  • Clean pipes and leaves them “whistle clean”
  • Eliminates slimy walls and surfaces
  • Increase the efficiency of pool sanitiser (save money)
  • Assist in the cleaning of solar system and contribute to improving its efficiency (save money/energy)
  • Easy to use – add it once a month to your pool/spa
  • Highly concentrated, 1L treats up to 60kL of pool water
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Helps reduce the consumption of maintenance chemicals.
  • Built-in clarifier helps to keep pool sparkling
Dosage guide:
  • 1L per every 60,000L of pool water once a month
Available Pack Sizes are:
  • 1L
  • 20L

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