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Moving into the colder seasons of the year wouldn’t it be nice knowing your are optimising your pool pump running cost that will not only save you energy but also save you money. Swimart offers a great range of Waterco Multi-speed and Variable Speed Pumps that can do this for you. Better yet purchase a participating product between the 21st and 29th of April and you will not only be taking advantage of having a more efficient pump but you will also be entitled to 15% off the price, FREE installation and a Swimart exclusive 1 year additional warranty. The participating products are;

2441509 Hydrostorm 150 ECO-V
2441009 Hydrostorm 100 ECO-V
24110005 Supatuf ECO 100

Equipped with a power saving three-speed motor, the Supatuf ECO Pool Pump automatically lowers its energy usage and reduces its operating noise levels. Then there’s the Hydrostorm ECO V variable speed motor range, which is designed to have all the extra power you need to cope with ancillary systems like water features and swim spa jets while still benefiting from an energy saving variable speed motor

For more information on both the Supatuf multi-speed and the Hydrostorm variable speed pumps click here

The extra 1 year warranty is in addition to our normal Waterco Australia and New Zealand 3 year conditional warranty. The  Waterco Extra  1 year Warranty will be issued as a total of 4 year conditional warranty.
Below is more detail on the current 3 year conditional warranty