Cover Up.

24 November 2021

You want warmer water when it’s cold, and also want to save money and time.

A great quality pool cover is definitely the way to go. Here’s why:

1. Less leaves to scoop out.

Pool covers are very effective at keeping leaves, dirt, and debris from falling or blowing into the pool, which means less time cleaning it. Leaves that land on the surface of a pool cover stay dry and typically blow off again.

2. Warmer pool water to swim in.

During the cooler months, a pool cover acts as a barrier between the cold air and the warmer pool water. This is particularly good news if you have a heat pump, solar, or gas system in place, as the heat they generate sticks around for longer. Chlorine lasts longer.

Chlorine is the most common sanitiser for swimming pools, but it degrades quickly under UV light. A pool cover reduces the amount of UV hitting the water, which means less chlorine is consumed - and that means more money in your pocket. Fewer top-ups needed saving you water.

3. Save Water.

Our pools lose a surprising amount of water through evaporation, even in the colder months. While the actual amount varies according to a number of factors – the surface area of your pool, the temperature of the water and surrounding air, amount of humidity present, and wind speed – water loss can be in the thousands of litres each year. A pool blanket prevents up to 97% in pool water evaporation.

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