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20 October 2016

Regardless of how automated your pool or spa is, sometimes you just need the advice and expertise of a professional to make sure everything is in working order. Servicing equipment, analysing water, organising spare parts, repairing damaged equipment – your local Swimart store delivers quality, convenient pool maintenance and services to your door.

Swimart’s home pool services

“Our comprehensive range of spare parts, chemicals, equipment and professional pool services, combined with our advanced water analysis software and job tracking system allows us to tailor a maintenance program suited to all pools and spas,” says Chris Fitzmaurice, Swimart’s national manager.

Designed to give pool owners the key essentials – and peace of mind – Swimart’s 29-point and 94-point Pool Health Checks ensure your pool and spa runs efficiently, is well-maintained, and is safe for you and your family.

Swimart’s 29-point Pool Health Check 

This is a great place to start to ensure your pool is ready to swim in this summer - and the sooner you do it; the more likely small issues you might have missed over winter can be rectified before the peak swimming season.

“At this time of the year, usually we find that equipment still runs but might not be working as efficiently as it should,” says Mitchell Greig from Swimart Tingalpa, which won Queensland Best Sales Growth Franchise and Queensland Franchisee of the Year at this year’s Swimart awards.

“It’s very rare we see anything dried up but it is common to find pool equipment ageing at a faster rate than it should be, especially if it has been neglected over the winter months,” he explains. “We see that quite a bit, particularly with chlorinator electrics if they haven’t been cleaned off.”

Mitchell says it’s not uncommon around the months of September and October to see two different pieces of pool equipment fail at once.

“I predict we will be seeing a bit of this over the coming month,” he says. “And that usually means equipment will need to be upgraded.”

Swimart’s 29-point Pool Health Check includes the following homecare services:

  • Vacuuming the pool
  • Scooping out dirt and debris
  • Brushing steps and pool walls
  • Testing water and re-balancing chemicals
  • Emptying and cleaning skimmer and pump baskets
  • Cleaning and servicing the filter
  • Checking and cleaning the chlorinator cell
  • Maintaining the pool cleaner
  • Removing and treating stains
  • Adjusting timer and chlorine output

Swimart’s 94-point Pool Health Check

This comprehensive audit features a detailed, 94-point examination that covers everything associated with a swimming pool and spa. From checking that the gate opens outward from the pool to cracks in equipment and noisy bearings – this specialised service ensures issues are addressed before they lead to costly repairs and replacements.

“This Swimart homecare service is commonly used by new homeowners who have purchased property that includes a pool,” says Mitchell. “In many cases they’ve never had a pool and often don’t know what they’re looking at, so we will go out to do a visual inspection and then provide a full report.”

In both pool checks, your Swimart technician will do a water test and advise you what chemicals are required to treat pool water so it’s clean and heathy. Plus, they’ll empty the pool’s skimmer box and pump basket.

“It’s a small price to pay for a peace of mind service,” says Chris. “We understand that after the cooler months, pools and equipment need a good health assessment – and that’s what our experts are trained to do.”

For more information on the Swimart Pool Health Checks, contact your local Swimart store.

Photography by Tim Bradley



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