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Winter Kleen

16 May 2016

It’s the time of year when we change the bed sheets from cool cotton to cozy flannelette, ready for the cold and storms of winter. It’s also time to “change the sheets” on your pool.

How to keep your pool "Kleen" this winter

There's a very good reason for this - and it's nothing to do with aesthetics. Just as summer and winter sheets serve different, practical purposes, summer and winter pool covers also offer different types of protection according to the requirements of the season.

Summer pool covers keep light debris out of the water and even extend the swimming season by transferring heat from the sun and trapping it underneath. However, winter covers serve several vital purposes: they protect the pool from harsh winter weather, help keep out the heavier debris of branches as well as masses of leaves that are blown around during storms and also keep runoff from entering the pool, particularly during extreme weather events.

Just as winter sheets are made of heavier material, so too are winter pool covers. Not only that, they are designed to overlap the sides of the pool and are fastened more securely to the surrounding deck. (Sticking with the sheet analogy, it's a case of flat sheets versus fitted.) While summer covers keep light dirt and debris out of the water, winter covers need to guard against storm water runoff. This runoff, the result of heavy rains and flash flooding, can contain pesticides and herbicides from gardens, dirt and, in extreme cases, sewage. Pools that are contaminated by such runoff often need to be pumped out and refilled as chemicals may not be enough to make the water safe to swim in.

WinterKleen covers are made with a fine polypropylene mesh that is strong enough to survive the elements and also lightweight for easy handling. This type of pool cover protects your pool from leaves, dirt and debris and also allows water through into the pool.

These covers work best when stretched over your pool during long periods when your pool isn’t being used. Leaves and dirt that fall on the cover can be blown or swept off the cover.

The finished cover stretches across your entire pool overlapping it by 20cms with tie down toggles about 80cms apart, anchored a further 20cms from the cover’s edge. The tie down toggles are easily pulled tight, one by one until taut.

WinterKleen covers are available in blue or green and are shaped with a square cut to fit over any shaped pool. Additional charges apply if you want the cover to mirror a shaped curvilinear pool as this requires a Daisy Expert to measure accurately.

A WinterKleen has an 8-year pro-rata warranty and is easily removed when it’s time to put on a Daisy solar pool cover.

WinterKleen pool covers are available from Swimart stores.



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