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Heat the pool

17 March 2016

Just because the air temperature might be cooling down, it doesn’t mean you should stop enjoying your pool. The ideal temperature for leisure swimming is between 25 and 26 degrees Celsius, but this temperature is rarely achieved naturally. For most of the swimming season, the temperature is usually about 18 to 20 degrees, with most of the warmth gained during the day then lost overnight.

How to heat the pool through the cooler months

Mention heat pump and solar, and images of indoor water heaters tend to spring to mind. But these nifty devices are also a cost effective way to warm up the water in your pool and keep you swimming through the cooler months. The great news is the technology continues to improve with every season. Here’s a taste of some of the water heater options available from Swimart.

Electroheat pool heat pumps

The Electroheat Ultra heat pump is the latest technological advancement in swimming pool heating. Electroheat Ultra heat pumps will heat your pool when the ambient air temperature is above 10°C. Like its household cousin, it uses a fan to extract latent heat from the surrounding air, then it passes the air into an evaporator that contains a piping system filled with refrigerant. The warm air passing into the evaporator causes the refrigerant to boil, turning it into a gas.

The heated gas intensified by the compressor and pumped through a heat exchanger which transfers the heat to the pool water which is pumped from the pool via the filtration filter pump to and through the heat pump system. The heated pool water is then pumped back into the pool.

Electroheat pool heat pumps are an energy efficient way to heat your pool and extend your swimming season. Their features include:

  • Temperature management and self-diagnosis
  • High-density titanium heat exchanger
  • Weatherproof cabinet
  • Titanium Heat Exchanger
  • R410A Refrigerant

Pool heaters are complex products that automatically control the temperature of the water in your pool, so your heat pump may need to be configured to suit your pool’s needs.

GulfPanel solar pool heating

The principle of solar pool heating is very simple. Imagine a garden hose that has been lying in the sun for several hours. When you turn on the tap, out comes hot water. The sun’s energy has been absorbed by the hose and transmitted as heat to the water inside it. The hose has acted as a solar collector, which is the process of solar heating.

A GulfPanel solar heated pool can maintain “swimmable” temperatures for six to nine months of the year depending on location. Imagine how much added enjoyment your pool would provide your family if it was warm for more hours in every day and for more days in every year. GulfPanels are manufactured in fixed size lengths that are laid side by side to form a large grid. Their benefits include being more resistant to wildlife attacks, the single piece panels mean there are fewer joints, they offer excellent heat transfer characteristics and they are UV stabilised.

Save money on an Electroheat Heat Pump 

Swimart is offering a $200 Swimart cheque on any Electroheat Heat Pump sold in March, April or May. Visit your local Swimart store for further details.



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