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Goodbye Algae

21 January 2016

There’s nothing appealing about diving into a green murky swimming pool – it’s also dangerous and unhealthy. That cloudy discoloured water is the result of algae, a plant that thrives in water with a high pH level. It grows from spores and attaches to the skin of swimmers, resulting in a slimy feeling. While the slime washes off skin easily, the danger is when it attaches to pool stairs, sides and ladders, making them slippery.

Say goodbye to pool algae in one simple step

Algae-ridden pools are among the most common and irritating problems that confront pool owners. However, protecting your pool is simple if you use the appropriate chemicals and seek the correct professional advice from your local Swimart store. When it comes to easy-to-use products, they don’t come any simpler that Aquahealth Concide.  This preventative algaecide stops problems before they start, giving you peace of mind, not to mention freedom from all the hassles, expense and embarrassment that come with an algae-ridden pool.

Algae is a symptom of low sanitizer level. When there is an algal bloom, most of the sanitizer is used trying to control/kill the algae, leaving no residual to keep the pool and swimmer safe.

Even after many years, Aquahealth Concide remains Swimart’s number one algaecide of choice among customers and professional pool servicemen. The great thing is that it provides year-round protection against algae without the need for constant use. In fact, the average size pool needs just one 500ml dose of Aquahealth Concide each season, making it both easy and economical to maintain a healthy pool. If you make a note on your calendar to treat your pool with Aquahealth Concide on the first day of spring, summer, autumn and winter, you know that each dose will last three months.

It is important to check your pool water regularly for phosphates as this not only removes the main food of algae but enables other chemicals to work more effectively, thus saving you money.

The benefits of Aqua~Health Concide are numerous and include:

A non-staining formula 

Kills and controls all forms of algae including black spot by killing spores as they germinate

Has no smell

Does not foam

Is effective over a wide range of pH

Is great for maintaining pool water health

Is suitable for all types of pool surfaces

Can be used with all types of pool filters

Can be used with all types of pool sanitisers

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