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Spring clean your pool

12 October 2014

Winter is over at last so get out your swimmers, it’s the swim season again! However, some of us may have let maintenance fall by the wayside during the cooler months, which can mean the pool water isn’t as clean and healthy as it needs to be.

Spring clean your pool

Even if you kept up regular maintenance, it never hurts to give your pool a thorough clean! Follow our step-by-step guide on how to get your pool back into shape.

Step 1: Check the equipment and run the filter and pump
Turn your pump on (if it isn’t running already) and let it run for a few hours. This will help filter out any debris and dirt left in the water. While the pump is going, have a look at your filter, skimmer box, and the pump itself; are they all working efficiently? Are there any blockages, or calcium build ups forming on any bits of equipment?

Call your local Swimart if you think your equipment has any issues.

Step 2: Balance the water
Although now the water might look clean after it has been filtered, the minerals and pH could still be out of whack. If you have a water test kit at home, now’s the time to use it! If not, take a water sample into your local Swimart for an analysis. Check the pH and water balance, as these are crucial to the health of the water.

Swimart stock pH Increaser and pH Decreaser, plus specialty chemicals that will attack scale and stain, all forms of algae, fix cloudy water and lower hardness levels.

Step 3: Add sanitiser
Spring is a good time to give your pool a good shock of sanitiser. Using an Ultra Shock product, dose your pool according to instructions, then keep your pump running and don’t let anyone in the pool for a day or so. After shocking, you can then return to sanitising your pool as normal.

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