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The Key to a Clean, Healthy Pool

17 June 2014

The Key to a Clean, Healthy Pool

Your filter and pool pump are the key to maintaining crystal clear, healthy pool water. When properly maintained and run, these two mechanisms work together to ensure dirt and debris are removed every day from your pool.

Here’s our rundown on the basics of filters and pool pumps.
Your filter is what keeps your pool water free from dirt and debris on a daily basis. This mechanism is vital to swimmer’s health, as it also filters out nasty bacteria.

There are a few variations of filters that are available on the market, some of which use different filter media. As a general rule, the finer the filter media, the higher the level of purity that can be achieved. Glass beads offer the cleanest water, filtering out particles larger than 3 microns.

Depending on your filtration needs and finances, one particular type of filter may be better suited to you than the others. Check out the range of filters available at your local Swimart store, including MultiCyclone (centrifugal), sand filters and cartridge. Our friendly staff can talk you through your options.

Pool pumps

Your pool’s pump is crucial to your filtration system operating properly, as it pushes the pool water through your filter and back out again.

There are currently two types of pumps on the market; fixed speed or variable speed. Currently there is strong shift towards variable speed pumps, as they use less energy to operate. Their secret to reducing their energy use is the speed of the mechanism; the slower the pump operates, the smaller the amount of energy used to power it.

Fixed speed pumps can also have lower running costs if you use them effectively; some have built in pump timers to ensure the pump doesn’t run longer than it needs to.

Your local Swimart stocks both variable speed and fixed speed pool pumps.


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