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Pool trends. What’s In Demand

17 June 2014

Over time, the design of your pool can start to look a bit tired (particularly if you bought your property with the pool already established). The equipment can lose efficiency and date, and the surroundings can start to crack or look worn down.

Pool trends. What's In Demand

A pool renovation can fix all of these problems by updating the design and equipment while fixing any structural damage. We chat to Ben Thompson, the Managing Director of Sunset Pools in Sydney, about the latest trends he is seeing in both new pool design and renovation work.

Ben says the most dominant trend in pool design he has noticed over the past few years is the growing demand for pools with “clean, geometric lines and shapes”. This is fitting with the modern, streamlined look we are seeing in housing design.

“Curved line pools were strong around 20-30 years ago, but now people have moved very much towards square or rectangle shapes,” says Ben.

In regards to materials, travertine tiles are proving to be a firm favourite, with its natural look that comes in several shades finding favour with most pool owners. In addition, fully tiled pools are seeing a comeback.

“Ceramic mosaic tiles used to be commonly used in pools, but now we have seen a full swing towards glass mosaic tiles,” Ben explains. “This switch has been driven mainly by consumers, although suppliers have been encouraging it too.”

“Glass mosaic tiles just have more wow factor than the ceramic tiles do, and they aren’t that much more expensive in the long run. The end result is worth that little bit extra.”

With fencing, most opt for a semi frameless fence, as it complements the streamlined design of an updated pool.

Demand for chlorine free systems has grown exponentially in the past five years, especially, says Ben, in the last 12 months.

“People are turning away from traditional chlorine for many reasons,” says Ben. “Some people react to it, other people don’t like the smell, others just don’t like to feel like they are being exposed to chemicals.”

Custom jobs
Of course, you don’t need to pay heed to any design trends; Ben says a number of people want something a bit different, even requesting custom made tiles.“One job we did recently had rainbow coloured custom mosaic tiles,” he says. “They were then placed around the water line. A very unusual result!”

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