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18 March 2014

Mobile Pool Services – Let us come to you We understand that not everyone has time to maintain their pool or spa.  Some may just need help when away on holidays. That’s why our fleet of reliable mobile service vans, led by highly-trained and experienced technicians deliver quality, convenient pool maintenance and pool services to […]

Mobile Pool Services - Let us come to you

We understand that not everyone has time to maintain their pool or spa.  Some may just need help when away on holidays. That’s why our fleet of reliable mobile service vans, led by highly-trained and experienced technicians deliver quality, convenient pool maintenance and pool services to your door.

We offer a complete service for all your needs broken into three categories; Service, Maintenance and Commercial. These include:

Service - Pooside Restorations

How are the hard surfaces around your pool looking? Are they a bit tired or dirty?
Swimart Mobile Pool Services have the skills and products to restore your pool surrounds and bring them back to their peak.
Whether your pool surrounds are pavers, tiles, stone or concrete, Swimart can comprehensively clean and seal the surrounds of your pool so that they look brand new again. We can also clean paths and driveways if required.

Service - Pool & Spa Inductions

So you now own a pool but don’t know how to maintain it?
Don’t worry, just ask Swimart! We offer a special owner instruction service to teach you all about your pool and its equipment – from emptying baskets and water balancing, to backwashing filters.

Service - Home Computer Water Test

Don’t have the time to take water samples to a pool store?
Don’t leave testing your pool water samples to chance. If you’re at all uncertain about the process or don’t have the time, we’ll
come to you – with the most sophisticated and accurate computer water testing equipment available… and the expertise to use it.
We’ll conduct an accurate onsite computer water analysis and provide you with a detailed report recommending the right chemicals for your pool.
We can then leave the chemicals for you to balance your pool yourself – or we can do it for you.

Service - Pool Health Express

Is your pool water safe to swim in? Have you got the water balance right?
If your pool water isn’t balanced properly, you could be putting your family’s health at risk – especially if you have children with allergies or sensitive skin conditions.
For safe and healthy water, our Pool Health Express is just what the doctor ordered. Swimart will chemically balance your pool so that it’s safe to swim in. While we’re there, we’ll clean your pump and skimmer baskets so that they will continue to remove debris from your pool at peak efficiency.

Service - Peace of Mind Service

For a clean & healthy pool, book a Swimart Peace of Mind Service today!
We will chemically balance and clarify the water, scoop debris from the surface, empty both the skimmer & pump baskets all at a very affordable price.

Service - Lifetsyle Service

Not all pools are the same, so for a comprehensive pool service that’s exactly right for your pool, just ask us about our exclusive Lifestyle Service.
Drawing on the knowledge gained through our experience and Swimart’s in-depth training, we will tailor a complete pool maintenance program specifically for your pool and personal needs.
The service will include a full clean and vacuum, water balancing and essential equipment checks, ensuring your pool remains in tip top condition for your family’s safety and swimming pleasure.

Service - Care Free Service

Looking for a five star pool service program at a set, fixed price? Then you need the Swimart Care Free Service!
For a fixed service fee, which includes all chemicals, Swimart Mobile Pool Services will maintain the health and cleanliness of your pool all year around so you won’t have to worry about it. We’ll tailor the service to your needs so all you’ll have to do is sit back, relax and enjoy your pool.

Service - The Holiday Service

If you’re going on holidays, or need someone to look after your pool for a short time, Swimart provides a thorough pool holiday service.
Now you can really relax while you’re away knowing that your local experts from Swimart Mobile Pool Services are looking after your pool.
And when you return home, the pool will be looking just as good as it did before you went away!

Service - 94 Point Pool Check

Want to make sure your pool is as efficient, well-maintained and as safe as possible?
We offer a comprehensive 94 Point Pool Check to ensure just that. We visibly check all aspects of your pool filtration system including equipment set up, condition and performance as well as other aspects of your pool and can recommend preventative action to ensure that your pool continues to operate smoothly.

Service - The Chlorine Free Pool

No more dry feeling, no more strong chemical smells and no more chlorine or salt! The patented Hydroxypure sanitisation system from Waterco is the first ever fully automated chlorine free pool water treatment system that meets Australian requirements and is completely safe to swim in.
The chlorine free pool is a Waterco patented system that’s ideal for all the family, including those with sensitive skin conditions or allergies. It uses a Hydrogen Peroxide and Ozone blend instead of chlorine to sanitise your pool. Known as ‘Hydroxypure’ this system uses specifically designed equipment such as chemical probes & dosing units along with a Multicyclone pre-filter & other
minor filtration modifications to automatically deliver non-chlorine chemicals to sanitise the pool.

Service - Pool Automation

Many functions in a pool’s filtration & operation can be automated through the installation of smart products which reduce your workload and makes it easier to manage your pool.
We can install new generation automatic chemical dosers, remote controlled pool cleaners and lights. We can even introduce
you to the world of fully automated pools controlled from a smart phone.

Maintenance - Sand Filter Change

Did you know that the sand in your filter needs to be replaced every four to five years to ensure optimum performance?
Over time, the filtration process causes water channels to form in the filter sand which means it runs less effectively.

Maintenance - Filter Upgrade

Sand is the most popular form of filtration media used in pool filters. But did you know that there are more advanced mediums available?
While sand filters water down to 30 to 40 microns, Zeoplus will filter down to10 to 20 microns. Glass beads are even better, filtering down to just 2 microns! The lower the micron level, the cleaner and clearer your pool water will be.
Why not consider replacing the sand in your filter with one of these advanced filtration mediums for a cleaner, clearer pool?

Maintenance - Filter Service & Degrease

Keeping your pool filter in top condition is vital for the health of your pool.
At Swimart Mobile Pool Services, we offer a full filter clean and degrease service which includes our Aqua Health Filter Degreaser.

Maintenance - Chlorinator Service

For optimum chlorine production your salt chlorinator needs to be checked and cleaned regularly.
If left unchecked calcium will build up and erode the cell plates significantly reducing the chlorinator’s ability to produce chlorine.
Replacement cells are expensive, so book in a Chlorinator Service through your local Swimart expert – before it’s too late.

Maintenance - Filtration & Water Balancing Troubleshoot

No matter how well your equipment was made or installed, sometimes things just break or stop working.
That’s when Swimart Mobile Pool Services can really help. We’re the specialists in the pool and spa industry and are thoroughly trained in all aspects of pool filtration and water balancing.
If there’s something wrong with your pool just ask Swimart and we’ll fix it. How easy is that?

Commercial - The Landlord's Package

Owning an investment property with a pool or spa can pose serious challenges for landlords.
As a critically important asset on the property, the pool or spa needs to be kept in top condition to maximise the value of the property and avoid costly repair bills.
The fact is, that while tenants like using the pool or spa most of them either don’t know how or are not prepared to look after it. Swimart Mobile Pool Services’ Landlord’s Package is a tailored pool/spa regular maintenance program specifically designed to protect the value of the asset by ensuring that it’s kept clean and healthy.
For a low fixed price, which includes all balancing chemicals, Swimart will maintain the health and cleanliness of your pool and conduct regular filtration equipment inspection checks, providing landlords with full service reports and peace of mind.

Commercial - Property Management Package

To assist with the responsible management of residential property, Swimart Mobile Pool Services provides a flexible residential pool & spa maintenance valet service to real estate agencies that includes a written report on the condition of the pool or spa.
Whether you’re looking for a comprehensive service that includes all water balancing chemicals or just a water balance & thorough clean, your local experts from Swimart Mobile Pool Services can tailor a special Property Management Package to suit your needs.

Commercial - Property Management Express

To ensure that he water in tenanted pools is safe to swim in, Swimart Mobile Pool Services can provide an on site water testing and chemical delivery service with dosing instructions. Tenants can then balance the pool themselves and costs can be directed to the agency or tenants as required.
This is an effective service for budget conscious landlords and tenants.

Commercial - Commercial Pool Monitoring Service

When laws requiring the constant monitoring and chemical dosing of commercial pools were introduced, commercial pool owners and managers were landed with an added responsibility.
Swimart Mobile Pool Services has the technology and expertise to plan and install dosing and monitoring equipment to suit any commercial pool.
Furthermore, we have a range of pool monitoring plans that can assist owners and managers in meeting their responsibilities.

Commercial - Commercial Express

For commercial pool owners and managers with on-site pool maintenance staff, Swimart Mobile Pool Services provides speedy, accurate and computerised on-site water testing and chemical deliveries at special
competitive commercial rates.
Our exclusive Aqua Health “Professional Range” of specialty chemicals is only packed in bulk quantities and caters especially for commercial pool owners.

Commercial - The Professional Pool Care Service

If you’re finding that looking after your commercial pool using internal resources is taking up too much time and causing too much worry, we have the solution.
Arrange for an expert to professionally manage the health and maintenance of your commercial pool!
Just ask your local specialist from Swimart Mobile Pool Services. You’ll have someone you can trust to get the job done properly on your side. We can provide a regular pool cleaning and equipment servicing regime that will ensure the ongoing health of your pool and prolong the life of your filtration equipment.

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