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Prepare Your Pool for the Storm Season

11 March 2014

With the humidity worsening in many parts of the country, the likelihood of huge storms and bursts of heavy rainfall can increase.

Prepare your pool for the storm season

To ensure your pool survives heavy rain, flooding or a storm with as little damage as possible, it’s a simple matter of some preparation:

  • Remove pool toys and furniture from pool area, or secure them
  • Ensure equipment is covered or, in the case of pool cleaners, removed from the pool
  • Make sure gates and any chemical storage sheds are locked
  • Repair or remove loose pavers around the pool

While preparation is very important, what you do after a major storm (or flood) is even more crucial. Number one thing to note is, however tempting it is, do not empty your pool. This could have disastrous consequences for the shell of your pool, which can lift and crack when the soil around it is saturated with water.

“It’s certainly not essential that a pool must be restored to use immediately, but it is vital to assess the condition of the pool and make it safe,” says Chris Fitzmaurice, Swimart’s Australasian manager.


“The pool shell acts as a kind of 'boat' when empty of water. If the surrounding soil is saturated, the pool will have a tendency to float, which can cause it to shift or crack.

“The fact is that all swimming pools – whether they’re vinyl-lined, fibreglass or even concrete ones weighing over 50 tonnes – can float when empty. The upward pressure of the water under the pool floor can actually cause it to lift.”

Since the pool shouldn’t be emptied, you now need to work on returning the water to a healthy state before use.

Firstly, scoop out as much debris as possible, and backwash your filter before turning it back on to increase its efficiency. Next, sanitise and re-balance the water; take a water sample into your nearest Swimart for an analysis so you can treat the water more effectively.

Run the filter for longer hours if you need to until the water becomes clear again.

If you have any queries, then contact your local Swimart technician to get their recommendations.

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