Lapping it up

8 January 2013

You don’t need to be training for the Olympics to want or need your very own lap pool; these compact pools are perfect for those wanting to put in some serious exercise time, or to take a quick dip when the summer heat gets a little too much.

Lapping it up

How to ensure your pool doesn’t suffer

Using less space and costing less in construction than a conventional backyard pool, lap pools are growing in popularity as block sizes shrink and Australian families look for ways to maintain their water-loving way of life.

Swimming, a sport that is particularly popular across our great southern land, is one of the best forms of exercise that tones every area of your body while increasing strength, endurance and fitness levels. But this isn’t the only benefit a lap pool can provide.

Enjoy the benefits
Having a lap pool in your yard encourages you and your family to partake in regular exercise, as the pool provides easy and immediate access to a way to get your blood pumping. This is particularly useful for those who work long or odd hours and find it hard to fit in a gym session or a trip to the local pool outside of work hours.

Your motivation to exercise can also benefit from the ease of access gained from having a lap pool in the backyard (or front yard, or at the side of the house!); there is no excuse not to find a few moments to focus on your fitness if there is a means to exercise so close by. Plus, once you factor in a morning or afternoon workout into your routine, it is easier than ever to maintain your fitness levels in the pool.

You won’t be the only one working up a sweat in the pool; your kids are likely to absorb your healthy attitudes to regular exercise as they see you utilising the lap pool. They can be further encouraged by the privacy of the pool compared to a crowded public pool where they also need to pay fees. Having a lap pool at home also provides your kids with a place to gain confidence in their swimming ability.

Life in the fast lane
An even more compact option for those who really have limited space. Called ‘endless’ or ‘fastlane’ pools, these are square shaped pools around 7’x 13’6’’in size, which use a specially designed system of propelled water to create a current, which allows you to swim against it without moving.

Manufacturers of such products claim they provide a comfortable current that is designed to feel just like you are swimming in a normal pool. The currents on these devices are adjustable to your ability, stroke and speed, and can be set to your preferred temperature.

Some of these pools also boast less chlorine than drinking water and can include sound systems, mirrors to aid in correcting swimming technique, and can give you the flexibility of being able to exercise in all types of weather, as they can be installed indoors.

Lap pools for modern times

The traditional lap pool is getting a modern makeover with designers utilising limited space in more innovative ways than ever. The compact size of lap pools allows them to be installed in small spaces that would normally go unused, such as a section of roof, or down the side of the house.

Constructing pools in these areas can prove a challenge for those who design and build them, however it can result in a very creative and unique end result, with new shapes and textures used to maximise minimal space.

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