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Great Shading Options for your Pool

8 January 2013

That summer sun is definitely burning bright and hot this time of year; which is great news if you like to cool down with some fun in your pool. However, we are all aware of the damage too much sun exposure can do to our bodies, and so most of us seek to settle in the shade after our refreshing swim.

Great Shading Options For Your Pool

We discovered some of the best shading options for your pool area this summer.

Shade sails and canopies
A more cost effective fixed solution than a gazebo or other permanent structure, shade sails are made from durable fabric stretched between several poles to shade the area you choose. Great for placing directly over the pool or the entertainment area right next to it, shade sails shade a greater area of your property than an umbrella will.

They are more suited to those looking for a permanent shade solution; however the investment will be worth the years of sun protection the shade sails will offer you.

Outdoor umbrellas
For those of you looking for cheap and moveable shading option, an outdoor umbrella is the way to go. Some umbrellas are even designed to hang out over your pool so you don’t even have to leave the water to benefit from the shade. Be sure to stick with a trusted brand that is made to withstand the harsh summer sun to get the best bang for your buck; you don’t want to be buying a replacement each year!

Umbrellas are also a great way to add a bit of personality and style to your pool area. Go for bright colours and fringe to bring a tropical feel, or opt for a light and simple design to ooze sophistication. A bonus of umbrellas is that they can be moved around for different purposes; however they do only provide a small area of shade. You may need to consider multiple umbrellas if you wish to shade a larger portion of your pool area.

Trees poolshading1
If you don’t want to disturb the leafy nature of your yard with a shade sail or other man made structure, a nature friendly option is to look at some shady trees to plant around your yard.

However, note that you may not be able to plant too close to your pool, as the roots can grow up through your pavers and the tree may drop leaves all through the water, making it difficult to clean. Opt for a species that has a less invasive root system and doesn’t drop too many leaves if you would like to plant it close to the pool.

Outdoor rooms
If you are looking at expanding your home and have a large outdoor entertaining area that incorporates your pool, consider an outdoor room. These are changing the way we look at designing our homes, as the indoor and outdoor areas of your property combine into one large and very liveable space.

An outdoor room is essentially an outdoor entertainment area that is either attached to your home or detached with a solid structure around it. It provides a fantastic extra entertaining space, and can be used even during the cooler months because of its solid structure. Some people seriously deck theirs out with fireplaces, luxury seating and even full kitchens!

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