Cool pools

8 January 2013

Cool pools

In great shape

Raleigh Hotel, Miami, Florida

Named as the most beautiful pool in America by many - starting with a 1947 Life Magazine article - it is easy to see why the claim remains to this day. The unique shape of the Raleigh Hotel's swimming pool is set off by the black tiling that hugs the curves of the design, with a further sense of luxury created by the exotic foliage framing the pool area.

Complete with turquoise water to rival the ocean only a short distance away, this pool is frequented by the rich and famous, having been originally thrust into the spotlight by 1940s aqua-musical star, Esther Williams.

This pool embodies five star quality, with its waterfall feature and pool-side bar offering guests the ultimate getaway.

Citta del Mare Hotel Village in Terrasini, Italy

Now isn't this just your childhood fantasy come to life? Offering a truly unique swimming experience, this triple level pool complete with slides is not to be missed if you travel to this part of Europe. With views out to the Gulf of Castellammare, this pool is not only for the little ones, with its terraces providing a romantic setting for those who want to give the slides a miss.

The Les Paul Pool, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

The owner of this unique pool was looking to put a hot tub in his backyard, when he changed his mind and presented the design company Aqua-tech with designs for a pool shaped like a custom Les Paul guitar.

Inspired by his love of guitars, of which he has an extensive collection, the pool's owner, Garry McBurney now dives into a 19-metre-long pool that speaks of his passion. Complete with water features, a diving board and detailing underneath the water that looks like guitar strings, this pool took nearly eight weeks to plan and equally long to build, proving a challenge for those who designed and constructed it.

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