Cool Pools

8 January 2013

This glass bottom pool at the Holiday Inn Shanghai Pudong Kangqiao hangs partially off the edge of the 24th storey, giving the swimmers a bird’s eye view of the streetscape below. Not for the faint hearted, this pool was designed to give guests a unique swimming experience that makes them feel like they are on vacation, even in the middle of a bustling city. Swimming in the pool has been described by guests as ‘feeling like you are flying’.

Cool Pools

With a view

With the bottom of the suspended pool made from toughened glass to ensure swimmers’ safety, the pool is the first of its kind in China. Designed by Singaporean company Chan Sau Yan Associates, the pool is 30 metres long and 6 metres wide, with the deepest end situated over the edge. If you are scared of heights, you might be better off staying in the shallow end!

The six infinity pools at the Grace Santorini Hotel in Greece offer uninterrupted views of the Aegean Sea and Cyclades Islands.

At night, the main pool feature is lit up with vibrant colours that accentuate the natural beauty of the view, much to the delight of guests who have elected to dine beside the pool.

Carved into the hillside, this boutique hotel is painted white inside and out, providing gorgeous contrast to the turquoise water in the many plunge pools. Most of the 20 rooms at the hotel also have their own private pool offering perfect views of the sunset across the ocean.

Designed by Patkau Architects, the Shaw House in Vancouver, Canada, features a lap pool that runs across the entire west side of the building. The pool has several ‘windows’ into the hallways below, and the entrance is situated right underneath the pool, with the movement of the water above casting a gorgeous reflection of light and shadow over the walls. To further enhance this effect, a clerestory (high window) was placed above the pool to reflect light into the living spaces through the glass bottom pool.

The house is made almost entirely of a special mix of reinforced concrete and white cement that brightens the building during frequent bouts of rainy weather. Due to the small size of the property, the lap pool had to be placed above the living areas, to marvelous effect.

The new W Retreat in Koh Samui Thailand built all 75 of its villas around this circular infinity pool, ensuring amazing tropical views out over Bophut Beach towards Koh Pha Ngan and the mainland.

The neo-sophisticated style that influences both the interior and exterior design, along with the private infinity pools that accompany each suite, make this one of Thailand’s hottest retreats.

Designed by MAPS Design, the pool is complete with luxurious circular seating set into the water that appears to be floating. A wonderful place to enjoy a cocktail (or two!).

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