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Preparing your pool for Spring swimming

11 April 2012

With swimming pools such an intrinsic part of many Australian households, pool and spa specialist Swimart is urging householders not to neglect their asset – and thus ensure it’s in tip top condition.

Preparing your pool for Spring swimming

Spring is in the air: Get your pool swim ready!

Did you know that Australia boasts the highest (per capita) rate of pool ownership in the world? In fact, around 13,000 new pools are built nationally. Along with the Aussie barbie, swimming pools have long been an integral part of this country's social fabric.

"For most people, having your car serviced regularly by an expert is second nature," says Swimart's Australasian manager, Chris Fitzmaurice. "And while all car owners are capable of checking tyre pressure, radiator water and oil levels, they usually leave the full service to a professional mechanic.

"Similarly, while it's easy to look after your swimming pool if you have adequate tools, equipment and basic knowledge of water chemistry, the bigger challenge that pool owners face is that most consider clear water to equal clean water - and that's not always the case.

"Granted all pools are different - as are their maintenance needs - but they do share one key thing in common: the secret to their health and longevity is routine care."

Regular maintenance of your pool and its equipment throughout the year will ensure it's always working at its optimum level. In addition to making sure the water chemistry is correct, habitual maintenance and checks enables any parts that are failing to be corrected or repaired - before the whole unit requires replacement.

Swimart's top tips for spring and summer
Swimart has some great tips to get your pool into tip top condition. And with spring in the air, here's what you need to do to ensure your pool's ready to dive into the first hot day of summer.


  • Thoroughly clean the pool and vacuum the walls and floor
  • Check the pump is working properly and organise a full pool equipment service by a licensed pool and spa technician
  • Check or replace fittings and check for leaks
  • Check the chlorine and pH levels every two weeks
  • Empty the skimmer basket when full
  • Occasionally check the water level is half way up the skimmer box opening
  • Occasionally check the pressure gauge on the filter is not indicating 'backwash'
  • Turn the pool lights on for at least 30 minutes a week to prevent build-up of moisture within the light and wiring


  • Operate the filtration system six to eight hours a day
  • Regularly check sanitiser levels, ideally on a daily basis
  • Check the pH every two days
  • Check the Total Alkalinity (TA) weekly
  • Check and clean the skimmer basket and hair and lint pot basket weekly
  • Have your pool water checked at your local pool shop every two weeks
  • Thoroughly backwash your sand or DE filter or remove and clean the cartridge from your cartridge filter, depending on pool use
  • Maintain the water level at least half way up to the skimmer box opening
  • Clean the pool and vacuum the walls and floor of the pool regularly

So with a bit of preparation and warming weather, your pool will soon be beckoning you to bare the flesh for your first refreshing swim of the season.

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