Pool peace of mind over holiday season

11 April 2012

Pool peace of mind over holiday season

Swimart's home maintenance services

Going away over the Christmas or New Year period and worried how your pool will look when you return? Don't panic! Swimart offers a home maintenance service, which means you can come home to a beautiful sparkling pool that's ready for you to jump straight into!

Swimart's experienced technicians provide a number of services including water testing and balancing, cleaning/vacuuming, equipment checks and, if necessary, repairs for pool equipment. You can also ask your Swimart technician to repair your pool or spa filtration system, degrease your filter, or change the sand inside your filter. Depending on your pool's specific needs, Swimart can tailor a service for you.

Ultimately our holiday services are designed to help keep your pool clean and free of algae, therefore making it healthier for your family.

Brisbane father of two, Dwight Ferguson chooses Swimart to service his pool and undertake regular cleaning and maintenance. "It's a lifestyle choice and they do a better job then we could," he told the Courier Mail.

Dwight and his wife Tonja are happy with their decision because they know their pool will be safe for their daughters, one-year-old Holly and eight-year-old Anabel, to swim in all summer long.

Even if you are having Christmas at home this year, why not book a service to get your pool looking great for when your guests arrive? Booking a service also provides you with the opportunity to give your pool some extra TLC, something that you may not have time for during the rest of the year.

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