New pool and spa safety standard becomes law

31 May 2011

New pool and spa safety standard becomes law

Huge leap forward, says SPASA NSW

A major pool and spa safety milestone has been achieved, with a new Australian Standard for pool and spa suction point covers becoming law on 1 May 2011.

“This is a huge leap forward for consumers and the pool and spa industry as a whole,” says Spiros Dassakis, ceo of SPASA NSW. “Not only will these changes make pools and spas safer, they’ll also bring long-term benefits to the industry across the country.

“In particular, the new standard will revolutionise the way in which pool and spa hydraulics are installed, not to mention the way suction covers are independently laboratory tested.”

The standard has remained untouched since 2003, and industry lobbying of government has been instrumental in having it changed.

“Following the coroner’s findings into the tragic death of Shannon Rankin, who drowned in 2006 after becoming trapped by a filter drain at the bottom of a spa, the ministers started to write back. Now, after over two years of lobbying, the standard has been adopted,” Dassakis says.

“In the past few years alternatives have been developed, so the newly amended standard now allows for safer suction point covers to be used. Consumers, builders, retailers and technicians should check with their supplier to ensure suction covers after 1 May comply with the new standard.”

The new standard will apply to swimming pools and spas built from 1 May 2011. Pools commenced prior to 1 May will fall under the previous standard.

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