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Small Pools for Small Spaces

6 April 2011

Latest trends in swimming pool design

Small Pools for Small Spaces

With inner city properties at a premium and the suburban block succumbing to subdivision, small pools are becoming an increasingly popular swimming pool trend here in Australia.  Whereas during the 80s and 90s, your average suburban swimming pool measured a spacious nine metres by four and a half metres, today’s average pool dimensions have shrunk down to a snug four metres by two metres.

More common styles and shapes include plunge pools, lap pools, triangular-shaped pools which nestle into a corner of the backyard, the courtyard pool which is an extension of indoor living spaces, small pools which double as a water feature and rooftop pools – the design possibilities are endless.

Spiros Dassakis, general manager of SPASA NSW, says that the desire for smaller swimming pools also reflects the greater need for more sustainable solutions.

“The micro model is becoming increasingly popular, particularly with people becoming more environmentally aware and house blocks shrinking, not to mention the fact that water rates are rising,” he says.

“Today, smaller pools can use as little as 12,000 litres of water, compared with the average 55,000 litres needed to fill the traditional backyard pool.”

Trends_Small_pools_deckBut don’t take our word for it.  Here are some of Swimart’s favourite examples of how our well-loved backyard pools can be incorporated into the smallest of spaces.


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