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10 December 2010

New ideas, sights and sounds for tech-savvy pool owners

Automation stations

Being able to automatically control your pool and spa equipment from the couch, your computer or even out and about with your mobile phone may sound like something from Space Odyssey – but it’s a reality.

In recent years, pool maintenance has met technology and they’ve been happily paired up ever since. From basic timers for pool lights and regulating pumps, to automation systems that can control your pool heater, valves, cleaning components, alarms and water treatment systems – there’s very little around the pool that can’t be automated. You can even use timers to operate some functions at off-peak hours to help reduce energy costs.

But it’s the latest automated chemical feeders and pool cleaners that are having the biggest impact, making pool maintenance a breeze.

Hassle free, healthy water

When it comes to maintaining clean and healthy water, an automated chemical feeder is a great option. These feeders sense when the water isn't balanced and will then add ozone or chlorine to bring it back to optimum range.

“Swimart’s Chemflo automatic control systems measure and precisely control set levels of sanitiser (chlorine) and pH balance (acid) through feedback from inline sensors,” says Chris Fitzmaurice, national manager, Swimart. “It’s never been easier to maintain your pool water for a long and healthy swim season.”

Clever cleaners

And unlike the old Kreepy Krauly tying itself up in knots and coming to a confused standstill in the 1980s, the latest automated cleaners are fast and guaranteed to cover the entire pool. These may be in-floor, pressure, suction or even electric, robotic cleaners and are widely available for all pool types and price points.

“Sit back, relax, and let your automatic pool cleaner go to work,” says Chris. “The Nitro Robotic cleaner is one of the best ways for pool owners to clean their pools effectively, efficiently and without hassle. It’s great for different pool types, even gentle enough for vinyl-lined pools, and features a built-in sensor that keeps it from getting caught on steps, ladders or other obstructions.”

While some may believe automation is laziness, in such a fast-paced, time poor lifestyle as ours it pays to pare back the chores so you have time to do the things you love. Like languishing in your private pool oasis, with complete peace of mind, of course!

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