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Safety First

10 December 2010

Healthy pools, healthy bodies

Safety first this summer

Keeping your pool fences secure and gates latched is obviously crucial in ensuring the safety of your pool when it comes to young children. But ensuring the health and balance of your pool water is also an important element of pool safety so you and your family can enjoy a long and fun-filled swim season.

With summer fast approaching, now’s the time to think about pool safety. Not only should you check your fences, gates and pool equipment, you should also ensure your pool water is clean, balanced and healthy.

Untreated pool water allows bacteria, viruses, algae and other organisms to develop. So keeping your pool water in tip top condition with the proper use of chemicals is essential for the health of users and your pool.

For example, too much chlorine isn’t good for swimmers whereas too little chlorine can result in algae or black spot infestation. And contact with water contaminated with micro-organisms may lead to infections of the skin, ears, eyes or stomach.

At Swimart, we often come across pool owners who have bought chemicals from different places, not realising that mixing different brands doesn’t always work due to variations in elements and strengths. But it’s not just the health risk to swimmers - having the wrong chemical balance can also cause damage to your pool equipment and internal pool surface.

Here are some tips to keep your pool safe and sparkling clean all summer:

»        Clean your pool and vacuum the floors and walls regularly

»        Test and balance your pool water at your local pool shop every two weeks

»        Use professionally recommended quality chemicals (same brand)

»        Store your unused pool chemicals safely and out of the way of children

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